The so-called clubhouse is a club in the mouth of foreigners, and a comprehensive high-level recreation and entertainment service facility with the main owner of the property as its main service. With the popularity of oriental trends and classical styles, the brilliance of the Chinese clubs has been re-emerged in front of the world. The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will share a set of Chinese club decoration renderings, I hope everyone can like it.


Chinese club decoration design concept:

1. Pursue the integration of unique and classical design elements. The integration of classical elements is a magic weapon for the design of Chinese clubs. This unique classical temperament is perfectly reflected in different clubs such as entertainment clubs, yoga clubs, private clubs, and business clubs. Classical elements can be presented using architectural styling, lighting and furniture styling, furnishings and paintings.

2. Focus on the distinguished customer experience. The clubhouse is a symbol of identity and grade. Members are people who have a certain social status. Therefore, the design of the club should reflect the superiority. The design should pay attention to the materials, materials and atmosphere. At the same time of taking advantage of the benefits of different clubs, we should focus on culture and enhance people's cultural quality and quality of life.

3. The design concept of advancing with the times. Different eras create different life concepts and lifestyles. Professional Chinese clubs must think deeply about the characteristics of the times, the changes of life and the psychological needs of people. On the basis of combining traditions, we will carefully design the first-class clubs with elements of the times. .

4. Pay attention to the concept of harmony and comfort. The clubhouse is a place for members to relax and relax. Therefore, the building style, color and lighting must be balanced and elegant. At the same time, the Chinese club design emphasizes the harmony between the building and the surrounding environment. The most important thing is comfort. To create an atmosphere that is at home, the Chinese club design must take into account all factors related to harmony.

Appreciation of the effect picture of the Chinese clubhouse decoration:


In the bustling city, this is where you live, creating a comfortable, natural, quiet and relaxing space. What the designer is looking for is just a little bit of water, blending with the elements of Huizhou, and integrating the most reasonable design space. The rare Chinese style, with the use of Zen tiles, is like ink painting. The small amount of material piled up makes people feel refreshed. In particular, the use of credits softens the feeling of the entire space. The entire health club is designed to be elegant, quiet, poetic and fun.


Stepping into this, a lotus flower on the whole wall instantly caught people's eyes. The white lotus flower tip was a little bit more translucent than the secular world. It was very beautiful and vivid, and the picture vividly explained the "Little Lotus is the tip." The sharp corners have long stood on the head. The artistic conception contained in this ancient poem. The whole set of mahogany furniture, antique lighting, and chic waterscapes together form this wonderful end view.


The exterior surface of the front panel paved with small squares of different colors is generous and calm. The background wall breaks the traditional solid wall design, and the wooden partition is used as the background wall to broaden the space of the front desk visually. At the front desk, there are a statue of a lady with a full body, which is naturally casual and appropriate.


The empty space below the corridor is filled with sculptures of two ladies who carry the lanterns. They are graceful and graceful, and they are very vivid and fascinating. The so-called: "Sweet fragrance, the word heart is fascinating, the world is not tempting. Send the Dongfeng, look at the red and countless."


That's all for small series to bring you the Chinese club fitting design renderings of Chinese club fitting, I am sure the Chinese club fitting renderings have a basic understanding after reading this article, if you want to know more decorative For enquiries, please click to enter the Decorative Knowledge Channel .

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