The money tree is also known as Malabara, Gourd, Kapok and Goose. For the Kapokaceae evergreen small tree. Native to Latin America The southern tropical regions of China are also distributed and are bonsai. Pachira is a perennial evergreen shrub with a warm, moist, sunny, or slightly sunny environment. Today, Guanshan Yayuan Xiaobian will briefly introduce the maintenance method and precautions for the delivery of financial trees .


How to save money tree

First, the choice of the environment

The fortune tree has strong adaptability, hi light and shade tolerance, and it grows well in full sun, half day or shade. However, long-term growth in the dark, poor opportunities. When entering the summer, it is better to shade 50%, so as not to expose the tips of the leaves and leaves to charring. It is advisable to place certain scattered light in indoor aquarium. It should not last more than 30 days continuously. If there is a phenomenon of vicious growth, you should gradually accept the sunlight and avoid being exposed to strong light to prevent it from adapting to death.

Second, basin soil selection

Most of the money-harvesting trees bought now are from merchants' own land. Huayou does not have to change hands after buying the land. It is necessary to raise the soil first, and then to consider changing the land. If the land is changed, the money tree is generally used to loosen the vegetable garden. Soil or peat soil, rot leaf soil, coarse sand, plus a small amount of compound fertilizer or chicken quail as base fertilizer, culture soil.

Third, money tree watering (important)

The roots of the money tree are not well-developed, and many flower buddhist trees are the cause of death because of rot. The fraternity will ask, in the end how long it takes for the money tree to water once, how much it will be watered once, and here it must be clear that the situation is different everywhere. The use of pots, soil is also different, so there is no fixed watering standards, then how to water the flower friends, money tree is generally a watering once a month is not small, in addition to tell a friend a small trick, that is, water shortage of plants is not It will soon die, and it will recover soon after watering, but if the water is still irretrievable, the money tree can usually be sprayed with water and waterlessly.

Four, money tree fertilization

Normally, if the soil is sufficiently fertile, no fertilization is required. If it has been raised for a long time, you may consider giving a thin fertilizer and avoid concentrating the fertilizer. Fertilizer can use some common foliage fertilizers and remember to use thin fertilizer.

Note: In general, the money tree is overshadowed, so every spring, Huayou can also give proper pruning, one can be beautiful, and second, it can promote new growth.

V. Pay attention to the occurrence of pests and diseases

If it is found that the epidermis is dark or black filamentous fibers are exposed, it is stem rot that causes the rich tree stems. The initial stage of disease should be sprayed with 50% germicidal water-soluble powder 1000 times, sprayed every 10 days, continuous control 2-3 times. Anthrax can be sprayed with 50% chlorothalonil wettable powder 800 times or 50% carbendazim 600 times, once every 7-10 days. For example, cabbage caterpillar, ulnar spider, and red spider can regularly spray 40% omethoate 800 times or 50% dichlorvos 1000 times, spraying once every 7 days for 2-3 times.


Fortune Tree Farming Precautions

1, pay attention to ventilation.

2, avoid sun (astigmatism best).

3, watering according to their own basin, soil, dry and wet conditions to be determined, do not set by time.

4, fertilization pay attention to thin fertilizer.

5, control his own hand, do not be okay to give money tree change position, pouring water.

The above are the conservation methods and precautions of the money tree introduced by the Guanshan Yard furniture editor. If you pay attention to the soil, humidity, and light in the aquaculture, the happiness tree is very easy to support, and it is easy to grow. Carefully care for it and it will become more beautiful.

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