With the continuous improvement of people's living standards for living standards, many people with certain economic conditions often choose villa buildings when they choose housing houses. However, due to the relatively large space, the villas have a certain degree of difficulty in decoration and design. How do the villas design? It looks good, the following article will introduce to you the next six elements need to pay attention to the decoration of the villa.

Villa architectural design attention to the elements to see a: space division

The interior space of the villa is relatively large. When we divide the space, we have different points of emphasis from other houses. The space of the villa needs to reflect the personality and taste of the owner more. It is not based on practical functions. This requires design. The teacher communicates with the owner in depth and discovers the owner’s inner ideas so that it can be perfectly represented.

Villa Architectural Design Note Element II: Courtyard Design

The courtyard is a unique symbol of each villa. In the decoration design, the touch needs to consider the external environment, but also need to add some personalized elements, for example, can be planted in the courtyard of the owners like the flowers and plants, can also be designed into a water feature Or casual tables and chairs to show the owner's personalized needs.

Villa architectural design note three elements: living room / floor height

Most of the villas' living rooms are quite spacious. It is one of the main activities in the owner's room and is also the best place to reflect the style of interior decoration. Therefore, when we are installing, designers need to consider the overall and local coordination of the living room. In addition, the height of the villa is higher than that of ordinary houses. Therefore, auxiliary lighting, wall decoration, and lighting can be added to the word design to make the space fuller.

Villa Architectural Design Note Element Four: Indoor Landscape

Because of the spacious interior space of the villa, many people will design their own favorite landscapes in the interior, such as an anime-style wall, and use red bricks with different styles of potted plants to create a fresh and natural atmosphere.

Villa Architectural Design Note Element Five: Stairs

Stairs are an indispensable part of the design of the villa. In addition to the stairs, the selection of materials for the railings, kicks, and pedals above the stairs needs to be adjusted according to the overall style of the entire villa.

Villa Architectural Design Note 6: Viewing Terrace

There will be a viewing terrace in the basic villa, we can choose to use pebbles or wood as the floor of the terrace, coupled with some flowers, chairs, coffee table, the owner can enjoy a good afternoon tea in this leisurely time.

The article is summarized: The above is about the villa construction design how to look good and need to pay attention to the six major elements of the relevant introduction, hoping to give everyone some help when the villa decoration, villa space is relatively large, but only need to carefully decorate, it will be able to show Out of their own style more taste.

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