How to use explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet
Explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet product operation
First, the correct operation of the explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet is directly related to the normal operation of the product, so users must be strict
Follow the procedure.
Second, the explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet through the installation, inspection, commissioning is normal, the cabinet door closed, and to ensure that the seal, the positive pressure cabinet internal electrical components in standby state, the former switch does not send electricity, this time the entire product is pending Electrical status, ie ready for operation.
The first step : open the air source, open the exhaust manual valve, and prepare for ventilation.
Avoid high pressure flushing cabinets! ! ( must first open the exhaust manual valve)
The second step : close the air intake manual valve, adjust the decompression threshold, and make ready for air intake.
It is necessary to pay attention to adjust the decompression threshold (it has been set at the factory, if you do not reset it will not need to close the intake valve),
Step 3 : Send the power to the cabinet and confirm that the 'switch' hits the 'system exit' position.
Step 4 : Open the air intake manual valve (to confirm that the exhaust manual valve has been opened), manual air change begins, and the air exchange is completed after about 30 minutes. This step is manual air exchange operation. In order to achieve better explosion-proof requirements , this equipment must undergo “manual air change” to be able to run more safely, and must be ventilated before each operation in order to bring possible flammability in the positive pressure chamber. The explosive mixture gas is exhausted and replaced with a purified protective gas to prevent the arc spark during operation from igniting flammable and explosive gases and causing an explosion.
The explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet is a type of positive pressure explosion-proof cabinet designed for Zone 2. Compared with the Px series, the safety device for checking the ventilation time is omitted. It only marks the time of gas exchange and is energized by the user in the main chamber. Before the request; In addition, when the internal pressure is lower than 100Pa, the automatic control system automatically alarms, and open the intake air, automatically adjust the internal qi, replenishment success, automatic return to normal, unsuccessful and internal gas dropped to 60Pa, The system does not automatically power off, intermittent alarm.
Cabinet production and interior components are basically unlimited according to customer requirements.

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