I believe we can often see different colors in our lives. If we apply various colors to our houses, we believe that we can create different lifestyles. Of course, there are many ways to choose what color to use for interior decoration , if it is too Monotonous, it will appear too boring space, and is not conducive to the health of the eyes, if the color is too colorful, it will make people dazzled, so be careful with the color of the interior.

What color is good for interior decoration: living room decoration

As the host's main place for hosting relatives and friends, the color of the wall usually reflects the warmth and hospitality of the owner, so the wall in this area is more suitable for red, yellow, purple and other colors, but not too thick, otherwise it will Directly irritates human eyes.

What color is good for interior decoration: bedroom decoration

Although the size of this room is not large, it is very particular about the choice of colors, because it is directly related to the mental state of the next day. Generally speaking, boys prefer to use the light blue light color, while the girls are More suitable for light pink warm colors, newlyweds suitable for warm colors, and colors can be thick.

What color is good for interior decoration: kitchen decoration

As a place to cook food, the overall dress should give people a clean and tidy atmosphere. Therefore, when choosing colors, try to choose white or gray. This is not only better for the eyes but also more concise and generous. It is more appropriate to use stain-resistant colors.

What color is good for interior decoration: study decoration

In order to build an area where people can think calmly and work hard, the color should be green and blue. The color of the reading area should not be too heavy. Otherwise, it will stimulate people's eyes, cause fatigue, and contrast. Also don't be too strong. Hanging decorations are dominated by soft calligraphy.

How to match the color of interior decoration

1, black and white ratio

Although black-and-white rides are a color combination that is currently booming, if you use them in an excessively fancy fashion, long expectation in such a space will make people feel dazzling, nervous, and irritated. White is the main color, and then it is decorated with other colors to make the whole room bright and comfortable.

2, purple will give space to suppress

I believe that everyone can feel that this color system gives people a quiet, warm delusion, so for those who are pursuing the trend, they are very fond of purple, but if they choose this color at home, they will produce A serious sense of depression, if not suitable for a wide range of purple use, only suitable for use as a decorative highlights.

Xiao Bian summary: on the interior decoration choose what color good content to explain here, I believe that the needs of those who choose the color of interior decoration is bound to have a better understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, welcome Consult the small editor at any time.

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