Cedar wood is a popular wood in furniture wood. With its excellent quality, it is favored by many people. However, there are still some exquisite use of cedar furniture. Do you know what kind of feng shui furniture is there ? Here European style furniture is introduced for everyone about cypress furniture .


Cypress is a fat material, natural growth will emit a fragrance of the fat, this incense has soothe nerves, heat detoxification effect, and some varieties of cypress wood can also play a role in sterilization. Cypress wood is of good texture, straight texture, and fine structure. Because of its denseness and contain grease, it has good corrosion resistance. Cypress furniture is strong, it is not bad in water, it does not turn black, anti-corrosion and heat preservation, mosquito, odor, water leakage, Anti-static, not easy to deformation, wear and other excellent features. Kashiwagi has the reputation of “Millennium pine, 10,000 years old cypress”, and its growth is extremely slow. Generally, it can be matured in 50 years. Because wood is relatively hard, it is not easy to scratch during use, and the more it is used, the smoother it is.


Cypress Furniture Feng Shui

1, avoid the bedroom

After all, Cypress furniture grows in shady places such as tombs and can't be placed in the bedroom, especially the master bedroom. It is not good for family health.

2, avoid placing wealth

In feng shui studies, some furniture, such as sofas, are placed in financial positions. People will often sit there and can contaminate their financial resources and enhance their wealth. However, the furniture made of cypress materials should not be placed on financial positions. The gloomy feng shui of Kashiwagi will reduce the impact. Family financial fortune.

3, should put the elderly room

Although cypress trees are planted in cemeteries and other places, but it is a very longevity of a tree, longevity of the head, suitable for placing in the elderly's bedroom, but the cedar wood itself has a relatively strong smell, this needs to be dealt with it is good.

What are the feng shui of cypress wood furniture? Although there are so many advantages in the scent of cedar wood, many people do not like this smell. People who hate this odor must consider carefully when choosing cedar furniture. If you want to learn more about furniture, you can pay attention to GO Home Information Channel.

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