Since the steel grating panels that have just been processed are the entire plate material, after the galvanized steel grating plate products are processed, the cutting work must be performed in accordance with the requirements of the customers. Manual cutting should pay attention to the following issues.
In the production process, galvanized steel gratings need to be produced in strict accordance with customer selection and technical points. The processing requirements are full and uniform welding seams, and it is not allowed to perform welding and missed welding. The double-sided welding is required for the edging flat steel. When it comes to the curvature and angle of the steel grid plate, it must be accurately machined to avoid improper installation. A tape measure and a caliper shall be prepared upon acceptance to accurately measure corner and diagonal deviations.
Under normal circumstances, the cutting work of galvanized steel grid plates under high temperature environment is due to the high temperature operation, which certainly generates a large amount of heat when cutting steel grid plates. Because the thermal conductivity of the steel grid plate is not very good, most of the heat generated when cutting the plate is concentrated on the cutting blade. The cutting blade is affected by high temperature and will certainly be damaged. Before cutting, check whether the mechanical equipment is damaged. If the blades are worn badly during the cutting operation, replace the blades immediately. In addition, we all know that the raw materials for the manufacture of steel gratings have a large surface strength and are difficult to cut. Therefore, the cutting of the plates must be performed by skilled workers.

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