Many families store the materials used in the dinner, and if there are too many foods, it will inevitably encounter problems such as bacterial growth and bad smell. After cleaning, I found that although these refrigerators look cleaner, they still smell a little after opening. Today, Xiaobian introduces you to some common sense, so that you can completely say goodbye to the annoying smell.

1. Fruits and vegetables are first screened and reprocessed after being bought back.

First, select which vegetables are not suitable for storage in the refrigerator. Radish, potatoes, potatoes, and other root vegetables, rapeseed, celery and other green leafy vegetables must be picked first. This is because, first of all, this kind of vegetables generally have soil, which will pollute the environment when placed directly in the refrigerator. Secondly, in terms of nutrition and preservation of the vegetables themselves, it is not suitable to be placed in the refrigerator, such as small rapeseed. In the refrigerator, not only the leaves will spoil faster, but also the nitrite may be formed by the action of enzymes and bacteria.

2. Raw meat is washed and stored first.

After the fresh meat is bought back, it is best to wash it with water slightly, wash away the dirty things such as floating dust, and then put it into the crisper or fresh-keeping bag and put it into the freezer.

3. The refrigerator should be partitioned and managed.

To keep the refrigerator clean for a long time, at a glance, the food must be placed in a partition. In the cold storage room, the fruits and vegetables are placed underneath, cooked meat and dairy products are placed on the top, and the middle layer can be leftovers and leftovers. Leftovers and leftovers are the biggest killers in the refrigerator environment. Before you put it, you should pay attention to the soup in the deep bottom of the dish to avoid leakage of the soup; green leafy vegetables can not stay overnight; dairy products or sauces Once opened, the bottle must be tightened when stored.

4. Use crisper and fresh-keeping bag.

When storing different kinds of food, it is best to put them in a fresh-keeping bag and place them separately. This way, you can see the food at a glance and avoid cross-infection. The storage time of food in the refrigerator is also limited. The cooked food is longer and the raw food is slightly shorter. However, if the time is too long, it may deteriorate and cause certain pollution to the refrigerator.

The refrigerator is the place to store food, but such a thing that is closely related to life is ranked second in the dirtiest place in the family. Therefore, when using the refrigerator, it is a basic principle to keep it clean at all times.

Even if you drop a drop of food soup, you should wipe it off immediately. Don't underestimate the dripping juice. In a frozen environment, it will harden quickly, not only becomes harder to clean, but also breeds bacteria. In addition to cleaning at any time, it is necessary to clean the refrigerator once a week.

1. First, cut off the power supply, gently scrub with a soft cloth dampened with water or detergent, then wipe off the detergent with water.

2. Secondly, when the refrigerator parts are found to be fouled, they should be removed and cleaned with water or detergent. Use a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the pin. After cleaning, plug in the power plug and check that the temperature controller is set to the correct position.

3. In addition, in order to prevent damage to the outer coating of the refrigerator and the plastic parts in the refrigerator, do not use the washing powder, decontamination powder, alkaline detergent, brush, etc. to clean the refrigerator, do not use hot water to scrub the refrigerator or use a sharp scraper. Remove dirt.

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