In the face of various NVR solutions in the market, how can video surveillance vendors choose to maintain the competitive advantage of NVR video surveillance products? Today, Xiaobian and you will take care of the current mainstream NVR chip solutions on the market. This article will briefly discuss and compare the market share, strategic planning, product series, product advantages and disadvantages.
In recent years, the IPC+NVR solution combination has achieved remarkable results in the video surveillance market due to its cost-effectiveness and flexible deployment. With the increasing number of NVR manufacturers joining, the NVR market has prospered. As the core component of NVR, the chip plays a decisive factor in the market positioning, performance and cost of NVR. Therefore, each upstream chip manufacturer continues to innovate and develop high-definition chips with higher decoding capability and stronger processing capability. At present, the mainstream NVR chip solutions on the market mainly include the following four types: TI DM816X series, HiSili 35XX series, Entropic EN7530 series, and Marvell ARMADA XP series. The following market share, market strategy and planning, product series from chip manufacturers Simple discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of products.

First, the TI DM816X series TI as a veteran of the video surveillance industry, whether in IPC applications or NVR applications, have a good performance.
The DM816X series relies on excellent performance and is widely used by manufacturers such as Haikang for project NVRs and network decoders. The DM 81XX is currently the most flexible and programmable DSP in the world, and can make many innovative products. This is the original intention of TI to design this series of products, and it is also the main reason why Haikang and other companies choose this series of chips. Taking the DM8165 chip as an example, the chip can be configured with up to 2GB of memory. A single chip can meet the access and forwarding of 160M network IPC resources, and easily handle 16-channel 1080P and 16-channel 1080P decoding. As a leading international chip manufacturer, TI has an unparalleled view of its superiority and advantages in technology leadership.
Since the launch of the DM816X series in 2010, the overall architecture has only been slightly optimized. After three years, its chip processing capability is still ahead of other manufacturers' chip processing capabilities. The forward-looking technology is evident. Compared with other domestic chip manufacturers, TI is more focused and more focused on the development of core underlying technologies, which guarantees TI's technological leadership. Then it is precisely because of TI's technical focus, resulting in insufficient investment in chip applications, mainly in the following two points:
1. The support for the upper application is not enough. NVR manufacturers often have to invest huge research and development resources, costs and time to develop products. As a result, companies with scale advantages such as Haikang can guarantee continuous investment, and other manufacturers rarely dare to try. However, the domestic chip manufacturers are following up very fast in application. For example, the latest chip launched by HiSili has built-in cloud service, which can facilitate NVR manufacturers to quickly develop cloud applications suitable for them;
2. Due to the leading and forward-looking technology, TI often invests higher costs in R&D and production. Therefore, the cost of TI chips is higher. In recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in the NVR market, TI chips The high cost has made more and more small enterprises discouraged, so the market share has gradually declined. At present, in addition to Haikang and other manufacturers targeting high-end or special areas (in addition to video surveillance, TI8168 can also be applied to video conferencing, video telephony, etc.), few other manufacturers use TI's NVR chip.
Second, the Haisi 35XX series Haisi is the mainstay of upstream chip manufacturers, and its performance in the video surveillance industry has been very dazzling in recent years. In the NVR market, the high-end product line has launched Haisi 3531 and HiSilicon 3535. At the same time, it is continuously enriched and perfected for low-end product lines, such as optimized Hisilicon 3515A, 3520D and other chips. The product range covers high, medium and low, different markets, users. The NVR is able to develop a variety of performance and applications, and the NVR market is prosperous because of the space that Hess has joined. The reason why Hisilicon can become the largest supplier of NVR chips in a short time depends on HiSilius's focus on chip application support and low cost. Although HiSilicon's chip maturity and technology are not as good as TI, HiSilicon provides a complete set of development kits, which lowers the development threshold. SMEs can quickly develop products that can satisfy their own applications with only a small investment of resources. It meets the needs of the security market for application innovation.
The security industry is highly competitive. With its advantages in technical support, HiSilige allows users to focus more on business application aspects, reduce the investment of SMEs in research and development, and help users quickly launch on demand. The product; secondly, the cost of the product is low, although compared with the chips of other manufacturers in the same series, the performance is slightly insufficient, but it is enough to meet the needs of most applications. In short, HiSilicon's chips are technically not the most outstanding, but they are the most practical and most satisfying current market demand.
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