Abstract Recently, the subject of the advanced manufacturing technology of the 863 Program undertaken by Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd., “Efficient Processing Production Line for Car Engine Cylinder Block and Cylinder Head” passed the acceptance of the expert group at Chery. The subject needle...

Recently, the 863 program advanced manufacturing technology field undertaken by Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd., the "Car Engine Cylinder Block and Cylinder Head Efficient Processing Production Line" project passed the acceptance of the expert group at Chery.
This project is aimed at Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. 473 series engine, and completed the research and development of two flexible automatic production lines for car engine block and cylinder head. After nearly three years of use, the company has produced 240,000 cylinder heads and cylinder blocks 16 Ten thousand pieces, the production line runs stably and reliably, and has achieved good economic and social benefits. The various technical indicators have met the user's use requirements and reached the targets stipulated in the contract.
The subject masters the production line processing method and process route design technology as well as the high-speed and high-efficiency flexible processing system technology. It adopts the gantry frame, the box-in-box structure and the high-strength and high-resistance ram type Z-axis structure. There are innovations in design. This high-efficiency processing production line for engine cylinders and cylinder heads with independent intellectual property rights has filled the domestic gap.

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In the latter process, the first application of adhesive binds the bases of the book together. This adhesive is sometimes referred to as [primer" glue. 

The second application of adhesive is used to attach the book`s cover to the side of the book spine. This adhesive is referred to as the [cover" glue.  

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