Pillow is one of our essential bedding products. It makes us sleep better and gives us a good sleep quality. At present, there are many types of pillows, and the space pillow is very comfortable with ergonomic design. , loved by everyone, then what are the space pillow brand, how to buy space pillow it, the following article to introduce it to everyone.

What is the space pillow brand: Neumann

Neumann's space pillow has won many domestic patents and international certifications. It has always been in a technologically advanced position in the healthy sleep products industry and is a product of Shanghai Zero Pressure Neumann Brand Management Co., Ltd.

What is the space pillow brand?

Shizhibao space pillow belongs to Qingdao Shibao Household Products Co., Ltd. It is a well-known healthy sleep brand in China. It has a large scale in China's natural pillow manufacturers, and it has a reputation as a pillow expert and is deeply loved by everyone.

What are the three space pillow brands: Sinomax

The Sinotron Space Pillow is a product of the Saint-Norman Group. It is a large multinational Hong Kong-funded company and is a leader in the field of cotton jackets. Its space pillow is excellent in quality and performance and is a well-known product in Guangdong Province. .

What are the four pillow brands?

An Sleep Po Space Pillow is a bedding brand from the United States. It belongs to the world's Anda products and is one of the largest bedding suppliers in North America. It also has a good sales in the domestic market.

What are the five pillow brands?

Bihe can be regarded as a relatively well-known high-end health care pillow brand in China. Its memory pillows are loved by everyone. Its health pillows are of excellent quality, excellent elasticity, and have good sales in the market.

Space pillow how to buy

1, in the choice of space pillow, the preferred height of the pillow is best selected in about 10-15cm, the specific size needs to be decided according to the different circumstances of the user.

2, space pillow also has a very moderate hardness, the best news with a pillow natural materials, such as buckwheat husk, bran, Po stick, etc. These are very good material.

3. When we buy space pillows, it is best to choose pillows that are wider than the shoulders. Too small pillows, the user will turn around and the pillow will not support your entire neck, but you feel uncomfortable while being too small. The pillow will affect your quality of sleep.

4, the space pillow core to choose those excellent softness and elasticity, and has a certain degree of breathability, moisture, moisture absorption properties.

Article Summary: The above is about the space pillow brand and space pillow how to buy the relevant description, hoping to give you some help in the purchase of pillows, space pillow comfortable and soft, help to improve your memory, is the current A very popular pillow in the market.

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