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Abstract : Fire equipment and equipment are very important weapons and equipment for fire fighting troops in fire fighting and emergency rescue. The proper use of fire equipment and equipment will directly affect the fire fighting

The success or failure of the fight and personal safety. This article will consider the performance of fire equipment and related aspects.

Keywords : fire fighting equipment, equipment performance

With China's continuous economic development and social progress, resulting in urban and rural disasters occur more and more factors, the probability of three-dimensional, large area, such as personnel Qunsiqunshang of major disasters is also constantly improving, for The public security firefighting force has become increasingly arduous in its task of extinguishing and rescuing , and the danger of rescue is also increasing. To deal with the complexity and diversification of fire accidents , it is necessary to rationally allocate fire fighting equipment and give full play to the role of fire fighting equipment in fire fighting and rescue.

1 The main fire equipment and equipment

Fire-fighting equipment and equipment are equipment that must be worn and used by each fireman when he enters the fire to carry out fire-fighting operations and rescue operations. At present, China's firefighters equipped with protective equipment is divided into personal protective equipment and special protective equipment , including air breathing apparatus , fire helmets , fire fighting suits, fire gloves , fire boots, fire safety belts and other dozens. These fire-fighting equipment and equipment play a very important role in protecting firefighters from falling , being harmed , and exploiting their combat effectiveness in fire-fighting and rescue operations.

RHZKF positive pressure air breathing apparatus

Positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus, mainly used for firefighters to enter the smoke, chemical accident scene or oxygen content of less than 19% of sites use. Fire helmets and fire helmets are protective equipment used by firemen to protect the safety of the head and neck during fire extinguishing. Always remove the wearing device for cleaning . The helmet must not be used for sitting, throwing, or knocking. Helmets with cracked caps shall not be used. Fire boots, fire fighters wearing in peacetime training and fire fighting, used to protect firefighters calf and foot to make it from harm protective equipment. Fire rubber boots and fire boots must have anti-skid, anti-skid, anti-static, and general resistance to acid and alkali. Fire safety belt, one of the security protection when firefighters climbing harness, safety rope, safety hook when used in conjunction, can save lives and help themselves. Fire safety hook, is one of the safety devices with firefighters, used in conjunction with a seat belt, the rope for self slip, high security and other rescue operations. Fire safety rope, for firefighters and rescue self fire in the building, may be used for directing the higher ground fire hose and tool when a guide rope may be used as fire detection.

Fire light universal safety rope

Various types of command and protective clothing. Fire Command clothing, combat suits, fire officers and soldiers to protect other parts of the body except the head, hands, feet from heat in the fire, steam, hot water, hot particles and other dangerous goods loaded with injuries. Has a certain degree of flame retardant, cold insulation. Fire insulation services, firefighters are near or close to the high temperature flame zone in the fire put out the fire in the battle wearing a special protective clothing. Fire avoid the fire service, firefighter short time into the fire, the flame zone fire fighting and rescue by wearing a special protective clothing. Fire anti-chemical warfare suits, protective equipment when a firefighter fighting fire in corrosive substances and hazardous chemicals, rescue.

Fire command service

The fire truck is a mobile fire-fighting technical equipment for fire extinguishing, auxiliary fire extinguishing or fire rescue. According to needs , vehicles designed to be suitable for firefighters to drive and to equip various types of fire fighting equipment or fire extinguishing agents. Fire engines are divided into fire fighting vehicles, high fire fighting vehicles, special service fire fighting vehicles, and backup fire fighting vehicles according to their functions. Fire extinguishing fire truck : It refers to a fire truck that can spray fire extinguishing agent and can independently save fire. Fire extinguishers are fire-fighting fire engines, fire engines, foam fire engines, dry powder fire engines, and foam- dry powder fire engines. Lifting fire engines : Refers to equipment that raises the height and extinguishing equipment and can carry out fire extinguishing or fire fighting. There are platform fire trucks, high-ejection fire engines, ladder fire trucks, etc. Special service fire engine : refers to a fire engine that is responsible for a special fire protection business other than fire fighting. There are communication command vehicles, lighting fire engines, rescue fire engines, fire engines, and fire engines. Back-up fire engines : Fire engines that supply various fire extinguishing agents or fire-fighting equipment to fire sites. There are water supply fire trucks and equipment fire trucks that belong to the backup fire engines.

2 Status and Development Strategy of Fire Fighting Equipment

2.1. Single equipment function

Although China's fire equipment and equipment have been greatly improved compared to before , imported vehicles and imported equipment and foreign advanced technology have brought about a significant increase in the level of our country's fire equipment , but compared with foreign advanced equipment, we also There is a big gap. Some fire-fighting equipment cannot always play their due role on the fire.

2 . 2 equipment equipment prices are high , but practicality is not strong

In the current fire equipment and equipment , although some equipment must be configured , it is not practical in actual firefighting and rescue , and the price is relatively high . The limited funds have not been effectively implemented to improve the building of fire fighting and rescue equipment .

To promote the development of our country's fire fighting equipment , we should do the following.

Establish a correct concept of equipment development. Firefighters and fire-fighting equipment and equipment is the most basic factor in fighting the fire brigade, it played a very important and can not be substituted in Fire Rescue. When selecting fire equipment and equipment, the fire brigade must establish ideological concepts that are advancing with the times. It should not be just for momentary needs . It must be considered from a long-term perspective , not only in line with the development level of the local economy , but also to meet various fire fighting requirements. The need for rescue missions.

Strengthen high-tech equipment development , survival of the fittest. Researchers should often go deep into the grassroots to conduct investigations and studies to understand the needs of front-line firefighting and rescue , and constantly improve the scientific and technological content and practicality of products. Strengthen the survival of the fittest equipment for fire equipment is a very important job in the construction of fire-fighting equipment and equipment of the armed forces, should be eliminated for fire-fighting equipment and equipment must be promptly eliminated, can not affect the fire fighting forces. The renewal of fire equipment and equipment must be based on the local economic development and the characteristics of the fire . At the same time, efforts should be made to improve the combat effectiveness of the fire brigade in rescue, disaster relief and fire fighting.

Vigorously carry out technological change equipment, fire equipment, and enhance innovation capability. In view of the overall development of firefighting equipment , it is necessary not only to boldly explore new ideas for the construction of firefighting equipment , but also to strengthen the scientific and technological innovation capability of firefighting equipment. Starting from the actual combat, departure from the need to reform and innovation, and constantly improve the technological content of fire-fighting equipment and equipment to provide a strong logistical support to complete all kinds of difficult and perilous task for the fire brigade.

With the continuous development of our country’s economy , new technologies and processes are changing with each passing day , and fires and other disaster accidents are becoming more and more frequent and complicated . This has led to a certain amount of fire equipment and fire fighting and rescue operations currently in use. gap. In order to resolve this contradiction , we must not only work hard to improve the overall quality of the fire brigade , but also need to boldly innovate , constantly improve and reform the equipment and structure of fire equipment , and realize the organic integration of fire equipment and equipment. Development of fire prevention is an ongoing process of sustainable development, important work is related to people's livelihood and social stability of the country and promoting the development of the cause of building fire equipment and fire equipment, long way to go.

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