The woodworking saw table has great knowledge. The woodworking saw table has brought some conveniences to the woodworking and customers. When the decoration is used, the saws will be used, and many woods will be used. Change the original shape, change the shape of the wood, etc. Then let Xiaobian take everyone to look at the relevant content of the decoration woodworking saw table .


First, the procedure of woodwork acceptance

1. See if it meets the design requirements

If you want to make furniture on the woodwork, you need to make the design drawings of the furniture first. At the time of acceptance, first look at whether it is made according to the drawings. Secondly, whether the material is selected is the prescribed material, and whether it is shoddy.

2. Look at the size of the gap

At the time of acceptance, it is necessary to see that the wooden sealing line, the corner line, the waistline decorative panel has no more than 0.2mm, the angle between the line and the line is not more than 0.3mm, the veneer and the plate are not more than 0.2mm, and the sliding door is full. Does not exceed 0.3mm.

3. Look at the structure and shape

Regardless of the horizontal or vertical woodworking practices, the correct woodworking practice should be straight; check the curvature and roundness for smoothness and smoothness. In addition to the single, multiple identical shapes must ensure consistent shape. The surface of the carpentry project should be leveled without bulging or breaking, and the symmetrical woodworking project should be symmetrical.

4. Look at the corners and parquet

The normal corners of woodworking are 90 degrees, of course, except for special design factors; the correct wooden parquet should be seamless or maintain a uniform separation distance.

5. See if the door is normal

When accepting the cabinet door, try to check whether the switch is normal. When the door is opened, it should be light and no sound.

6. See if the nails are patched up.


Second, the standards and specifications of woodworking acceptance

1. Whether the decoration and carpentry project is broken. The surface of the decoration and decoration of the woodworking project should be ensured that there is no drum or broken.

2. Whether the decoration corner is accurate. The normal corners are all 90 degrees, except for special decorative design factors.

3. Whether the decoration and decoration are strict and accurate. The correct decoration and decoration of the wooden parquet, to be seamless with each other or to maintain a uniform separation distance.

4. Whether the decoration decoration curvature and roundness are smooth and smooth. In addition to a single, a number of similar decorative shapes must also ensure the same shape.

5. Is the cabinet door switch normal? When the door is opened, it should be light and free of noise.

6. There should be no gaps in the fixed wall of the cabinet.

7. Whether the decoration and decoration structure is straight. Regardless of the horizontal or vertical direction, the correct woodwork decoration and decoration should be straight.

8. Symmetrical decoration and carpentry projects are symmetrical.

9. Whether the decorative panel nails have been repaired. Of course, this is the work of the painter, but because of the existence in the woodworking project, it is mentioned.

10. Whether the decoration and decoration of the ceiling line is smooth, whether there is obvious deviation and deformation.

11. After the decoration and decoration, the grounding line is installed straight and accurate.

12. After the decoration and decoration, aluminum gussets, PVC gussets and other toilets, kitchens, and some of the ceilings are flat and without deformation.

13. After the decoration and decoration, the door handle locks are installed correctly and opened normally.

14. Whether the bedroom door and other door fans are open after decoration. When the state is off, the upper, left and right door joints should be tight, and the lower door gap should be moderate, generally 12.5px.

How about, I read the related introduction to the decoration woodworking saw table, and I also learned a lot about the decoration woodworking saw table. I hope that you can learn more about home improvement knowledge through this article, and you will be able to create a more perfect home environment. Thank you for reading this article and your support and love for Xiaobian. If you want to get more information about home improvement, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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